Barbara's work captures and reflects particular times, places and people that have a personal resonance. Ideas are gathered from numerous sources - a number of research trips to Japan have provided a rich inspiration.

The artworks are often created around a particular journey, discovery or event and include within them photograms of plants, feathers and flowers, all kinds of vintage ephemera - old photographs, postcards and maps, hand written letters and retro typography. She uses the process of blueprint photograms to create a unique imprint of a plant or image, and then carefully hand stitches to compose the elements together and add subtle pattern and texture. Stitching is inspired by the simplicity of Indian kantha quilting and the utility of Japanese 'boro' cloths.





Each artwork has a photogram exposed directly by the sun onto the fabric. Natural fabrics including silk, wool, linen, cotton and bamboo are used and the inherent characteristics of the cloth create a tactile surface for the image.